[LIVE] YUI – Hotel Holidays in the Sun (subbed)

Note:Preview plays the Low Quality Version of the video. Download to see it either in HD/HQ

song translations by Kiwi Musume
romaji by Snakeroot, Cori, & Kiwi Musume
spoken translations by turtle_yurippe
subbed by me | port87

Hello everyone! It’s been a while hasn’t it? I really worked on this project that I know everyone has been waiting for.  So please like, comment, share and if you want to please donate (donate link is on the sidebar).  It’s not everyday a release like this happens, so please enjoy!




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    • port87

      I’m uploading to ROCKDIZFILE at this very moment, so don’t worry.

  • Bibi

    thank you so much for this…. it’s really is hard work ! ! ! THANKS

  • Thank you..been waiting for this for a while..I hope there will be news from flower flower

  • sadame

    Hey, thx for this. I know how much work this is.
    But actually I downloaded the HHitS concert before, so I was wondering if you could also supply us with just the subtitlefile for this. Anything from srt to ass or whatever is fine with me. You decide.

    • port87

      i dont work my files like that. i use another program to make my subbed video.

      • sadame

        No way of exporting the timed subs without merging with the video? o.O The strange ways of thinking of softwaredevelopers…

  • why you don’t seperate the subtitle file and the video ??. if we already have the video concert, we just need the subtitle.

    • port87

      the program I work with embeds the text into the video straight in, it’s final cut pro. I don’t work in specialized subbing software like aegisub or substation alpha, that’s why it doesn’t create a .SRT file or .ASS file. Final cut pro is similar to adobe premiere.

  • mihoakiyama

    thank you!

  • mihoakiyama

    why am i getting the message [fansoop] YUI – Hotel Holidays in the Sun (subbed).m4v.part01.rar corrupt? I downloaded it twice already,,pls help…..

  • echu

    Thank you, thank you. I need something to remind myself of YUI’s awesomeness. 🙂

  • zim

    i’ve got problem to download part7 and 8

  • Arzack

    FULL Concert!? O.O
    Sugoi! Arigato~na.

    *I have this concert but it’s raw. Now, I’m amazed to get to watch the english sub version of the best tear jerk concert! I’m really-really grateful. thank you again <3

  • Arzack

    the total file size is 2.25 GB right? I download the whole file with Goggle Doc :p
    Just for confirmation.

  • Cixx

    please Sub another YUI Live please

  • mihoakiyama

    part 6-12 cannot be downloaded..

  • Bayu Lestiono

    Very, very thankyou! 😀

  • apau

    can i Have just the subs??
    my email : pau_arvian@yahoo.com
    thank’s before

  • scarlet d.

    thank you port87 for making this subbed video accessible to everyone! it’s really hard to look for her concert videos & pvs nowadays ( especially on youtube) . that’s why i am really happy and thankful that i found this site.. again, thank you very much :))

  • reena

    oh my god port87. YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!i am really a big fan of YUI and i really appreciate it when you subbed and uploaded this concert. lucky me to stumble upon this site. tq very very much. keep up the good work.

  • sandy

    How to play m4v format on this video and am use windows 7, please help.