[PV] SID – Monochrome no Kiss (subbed)

Note:Preview plays the Low Quality Version of the video. Download to see it either in HD/HQ

subbed by me | port87
translations from gendou.com

This is from a request.


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  • wow…thanks a lot…it’s so hard to search this PV…especially the HD one… >.<

  • azry11

    Thank you very much Port87..

  • Lulu

    Thanks Fansoop

    I Love thus song

    1st Opening Kuroshitsuji

  • Geno

    Good job Man , 😀

  • Asakura Yoh

    search this mv 4 ages thx 4 subs this song!

  • Kyu Starrk

    Woaaah thank you ^^

  • leichtlinii

    It was hard finding this. Thanks so much for the lyrics with song.

  • Kiwi

    Thx for this i love SID so freakin much.

  • Fate Mikhaelis

    I’m so sorry, but how’s the original music video called?

  • kikidarko

    couldn’t find this ANYWHERE, thank you so much!! I din’t even know they made a video, thought the full version was only available live!