[PV] ONE OK ROCK – Koi no Aibou Kokoro no Cupid (subbed)

Preview plays the Low Quality Version of the video. Download to see it either in HD/HQ

subbed by me | port87
translations from kira-kira.net

This is from a request.


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  • Kyu

    It’s a shame there isn’t a HD version of this PV anywhere (and there isn’t for other OOR PV of this era either)
    I hope they release a DVD/Blu-Ray with all their PV (like YUI and other artists did), but I think if they do it will be since Kanzen Kankaku Dreamer (since the departure of Alex…)
    Anyways, this is the best version I found! Thanks 🙂

    • MalMalMal

      I imagine the whole Alex ordeal put a damper on their shootings.