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[PV] YUI – Again (subbed)


Note:Preview plays the Low Quality Version of the video. Download to see it either in HD/HQ

So its the year 2009 and my old blogspot was still starting out, I’ve released a couple PV’s here and there and I got a couple hits.  This was before even facebook or youtube was hitting it big and Myspace was on it’s peak of popularity.  So I was looking at the newer PV’s that was coming out and this one was the most talked about.  YUI, who I never heard about, was about to make her comeback with her track “again”.  It was going to be the theme song in the Full Metal Alchemist anime.  So I decided to sub it.

After posting it out on the blog, a lot of people commented back with a lot of thank yous and it was the most downloaded of all the PV’s I just released.  So from then on… YUI changed what was just some small hobby subbing to something even bigger, a bigger idea that I could in a small way transition people to fall in love not with her music, but to all other jpop artists.

For that, I thank you YUI.  I hope you continue to change people’s lives with your music.  And have a good time with your next project “FLOWER FLOWER”, I know for sure you’ll be able to change it up again.


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