[PV] YUI – Life (subbed)

Note:Preview plays the Low Quality Version of the video. Download to see it either in HD/HQ

subbed by port87
translations from kiwi-musume.com

One of the many YUI PV’s I’ll be releasing from the Super YUI subbed pack DVD later this month.


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  • alia

    hey, is this one of the many PVs that you subbed before?
    do you also have UVERworld – Chance & Gekidou as well?
    if yes, please post it here…
    i’ve been looking for them for so long already….
    🙂 🙂

  • Thanks, I really like yui.

  • Sylva

    thank you for your hard work.. has been looking with sub

  • Ani

    Arigatou!!! Thank you very much!!! I love this song and I couldn’t find it anywhere in the full and original version!

  • Liesa ăƒȘă‚”

    Thank you so so so much~☆

  • Johnny Ca

    thank you so much i love this side and i mexican but i love this music <3