[PV] Stereo Dive Foundation – Daisy (subbed)

Note:Preview plays the Low Quality Version of the video. Download to see it either in HD/HQ

subbed by port87
translations from bambooxzx.wordpress.com

This is from a request. This is the ending theme song to the anime “kyoukai no kanata”.

Note: sorry about the black mask over the video. the album and release info was taking up the screen. I decided to just mask it with black because it just looks weird with the subtitle on top of text. if u can find the DVD version of this music video, plz send me a link. I’m willing to resub.


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  • aansmth

    great work!!
    thou I prefer the black mask replaced. hehe
    it’s fine with me even the sub just placed over it
    or maybe you can just (make it) blur it

  • thanks

  • huong pham

    <3 thank U

  • Dido

    Thank you, it is beatiful

  • anon

    thanks for sharing XD this song is so good

  • AZ

    thanks again!^v^

  • Victor D Ho

    Link died, please fix your link 😀

  • Marcxist Tactay

    this song is so perfect and the anime too,
    whenever i listen to this song it feels so sad and happy