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Please enjoy this subbed pack of YUI’s career from 2004-2012.


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I’ve spent a lot of man hours working on this subbed pack, so if you really enjoy this pack a small donation would really be great.

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  • Thank you soooooo much

  • $20 Donation Done!

    Thanks for great work!

    Looking forward to more amazing stuff.

  • Dan

    donate for awesome work!!

  • nerdtron

    is there a quality difference on the single layer and dual layer dvd?

    • hunterkun

      not quality but quantity single 4.7gb only but if dual 8.5gb

  • dex

    Great job man………….:)

  • umm part 2 of dual layer file always errors. other files is okay. Oh thanks by the way.

    • port87

      which file?

  • Don

    Part 1 of DVD ISO having problem, Temporary error, retrying…

    • port87

      check link in the chat.

  • gomezhyuuga

    Oh my…! Thank you very much for this!!! 🙂

  • gomezhyuuga

    part1 of DVD Dual Layer is not working D:
    Does anyone have an alt link? pls


  • depressingAyachan

    is this sub pack updated to bluray?

    • port87

      nope. this subbed pack was created before the bluray release. Videos are upscaled to 720p from DVD.

  • Kat Mina

    Thank you so much. I love YUI!