[PV] TK from Ling tosite Sigure – unravel (subbed)

resubbed: October 31, 2016

subbed by port87
translations from lyrical-nonsense.com

This is from a request.



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    Thank You

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    I love it thank you for uploading this all they had on Ytube were crap version of this ^_^ so again thank you very much.

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    yes, awesome! Thanks! 😀

  • Gintoki’s baby momma

    My #mcm everyday is the lead singer from video 1

  • macabro

    hola hola, como estan

  • hi

    when i heard this i knew it was sang by an adult oc but i cant help but think of a 11 yr old singing this…

    • HueHue

      i agree that his voice is really really high but in my opinion it still sounds like it was sung by an adult

  • The song made my feels. :'(

  • Muhammad Febri

    oke punya.
    terima kasih banyak atas videonya

  • robbiathul

    I don’t play and download this pv. Please help me..

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    I love this song best ever

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    Muchas gracias, estaba buscando este video por todas partes. Arigatou!


    Domo Arigatou…!

  • Henry patitos

    alguien que me diga por que ya no aparece este video e youtube ???, bueno almenos ami no me aparece y pues no se la razon…

    • LadyValentine

      Youtube retira los videos de musica cuando identifica la cancion original, es por cuestion de derechos de autor :/

      • Henry patitos

        ufff men que sad :´v

  • LadyValentine

    un alma noble podria decirme donde puedo descargar mp3 esta version que es la original :c no me sale en muchas paginas

  • Hunter Gray (SimplexG0sling3)

    From what I have learned from tabs and listening and then comparing to what I am seeing it looks like I have it all wrong in terms of how to play this song on guitar. Someone please make the correct way to play this song I beg of you!