Hi my name is Dave, also known as port87.  Fansoop.com is a solo project started late 2012.  The goal is to provide translations for music videos Japanese or Korean to the masses; to add another layer of understanding when your watching music videos, and to just make people laugh, cry, or excited about jpop/kpop.  I started subbing around early 2009, and I think I’m getting good at it.  Even though I don’t use the default subbing software everyone else uses, I still try find a way to get the projects done at a timely matter.  Please enjoy the music videos and if you can donate to support this website.

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  • Kana nishino

    Can you teach me how to sub video??

  • Jihyun Sam

    I just wanna say that ur website is amazing and U r doing a great job if U may plzz can u add Kanji sub to Jpop videos I’ve been trying to learn Korean and Japanese so Hangul and Kanji subbed MVs help me a lot thanks in advance

  • Syahmi

    Your website is amazing with all that Jpop video collection you have.Really like it.It so hard to find them in full version.I like want you make the sub background(black colour) transparent.Can you???I know make sub is really hard.Try using Aegisub.Lot of anime sub use it.

  • Joshua10red

    Hi Dave, i just saw that you changed the subbing style, but i liked the previous..This is a little weird to see the lyrics in black background and the japanese lyrics in a corner. If you want you can make the sub something like this….

  • Igor Torralbo

    (PV) Empty Mermaid…..Lisa!! PLEASE!!!


  • Fabio Striff

    PV Empty Mermaid….Lisaaa! Please!

  • Fabio Striff

    best site!!
    pv L.miranic….Lisa! Please please!
    thank you!

  • riekyu
  • Hei, can I help you to mirror your link? you can email me or reply this comment if you want. I just want to help you. and I did not ask for any compensation.

    • port87

      dont need to. all files are uploaded straight to the site now. thank you though.

  • Renhard Manalu

    great job dude…I like your transparent background subs style. Keep it up…

  • Very thank’s to you 🙂