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Please read the rules before requesting. 

– Request only JPOP/KPOP Music Videos

Request 1-2 Music Videos, anymore I will deny your requests 
– Look at the archive page/search fansoop before requesting,  chances are I might have done it already
– Provide english translations to the PV/MV
here are some recommended sites (Lyrical Nonsense) (Kiwi-Musume) (animelyrics) (megchan) (mellifluous) (atashi)
– (Optional) Provide a preview link (youtube/dailymotion etc)
– If theres a request that you’d like to be done simply upvote there comment. 

Note* – Your request is not guaranteed.

If you’d like your request done quicker and guaranteed, please visit the Paid Request page, there you can see my rates and how to contact me directly.




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