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Tools & Tips


Having trouble with MEGA? Just copy and paste the MEGA download link into this website.

Screen Shot 2013-11-28 at 1.37.24 AM


If you choose to not download from 2shared you can also download from the video stream itself, here are some tools that I use and other users use.


If your on Firefox, you can download this addon called “downloadhelper”

Heres how it works, when a video is playing in firefox like facebook video, youtube, or jpopsuki TV, it will pick up the stream link and activate.  All you have to do is right click on the downloadvideo button, scroll down to Media and click on the stream video you want

IDM (Internet Download Manager)

Other users use this program to download video streams.  I heard it can even work on videos too.

Note: Only works in Windows


It’s key to download adblocking software for your browser.  It quickens up your web loading page time and it keeps you away from clicking on potential ads with viruses in them.

For firefox users download this is addon called ADBLOCK PLUS

For google chrome users download this addon called ADBLOCK




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